We thought you might like to see what our clients say about us – after all, they are better placed to tell you what they think of our service and our commitment.


It was during the blackest time of my Life that I met Heather, I was 18 months into a Personal Injury case and very disillusioned by the Insurance Companies firm of solicitors allocated to my claim, they weren’t talking to me or answering my calls, I was into my 3rd Solicitor, I had had enough and made the best decision in my life – I changed Solicitors and Heather took my case on.

I immediately became a person again and was no longer a reference number. Heather talked and listened to me, found out about me, my circumstances, the horrors I had been through and was still having to deal with, how my young Daughter was affected by my injuries and the accident I had been in.

Our relationship was built on honesty, truth and trust. There were times when I have no doubt I was irrational and just didn’t want to do, or hear, something that was vital to the case, and also my wellbeing. Heather was always understanding, patient and showed compassion, she understood me and I trusted her that I may not like it but it was in my best interest to comply. I was never given the impression that I was a nuisance, although I must have been. She always answered my calls or returned them if not in the office.

Heather had asked me to keep diaries. This had been difficult because there were many things that I just didn’t want to recall during those painful days. I needed to keep all of my receipts to help support my case and provide the evidence Heather required. Heather was very thorough and I didn’t fully understand how important it was that I had followed her instructions until the end when all of it became apparent and my case was finalised. Financially it had made sense.

Heather took me from a time of great despair through to hope. Her encouragement and understanding brought back the Personal side of my Personal Injury case and yes she had to hear and read, some horrific details but she never reeled or squirmed, she took it in her stride and worked out a strategy as to how I could be best be compensated and given extra treatment so that I could survive and put things into context.

Thanks to Heather and the support she gave me, personally and also through other specialists, I have come to terms with my accident and my disability and lead basically a full life. I have a future which is different from what I had thought prior to the accident but it is full of opportunities.

K Hutson, Wellingborough.






Dear Barbara,

We have recently accepted an offer of compensation for an accident I was involved in dated October 2013. I thought I would write you this short testimonial sharing my thoughts with you and highlighting what a positive experience you gave me during a challenging time in my life.

I was involved in a hit and run car accident and sustained multiple injuries which put my teaching career on hold. I was in the middle of my PGCE and the accident couldn’t have come at a worse time. I was recommended your services from one of my surgeons. It turned out to be a fantastic recommendation and I cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work and efforts over these past two and a half years. It was clear from our very first meeting that you only had my best interests at heart. You offered to put me in touch with specialists and seek extra support. I have had numerous coaching sessions since which have made me mentally stronger and I doubt I would have entered into those if it were not for your recommendation.

You kept me constantly updated throughout the process and responded to every email promptly and professionally; you never gave me false hope and kept me patient and upbeat throughout. I thank you for that! You have a calming nature which put me at ease instantly; I knew I was in safe hands. You were able to explain the technical jargon of the claim in simple language and made the whole process as painless as possible. I thank you again for your hard work and effort and know that you have done your very best to get the most positive outcome for me. At the end of the claim your advice was succinct and I know that you sought the best outcome for me.

Thank you very much indeed Barbara, if I know anyone who was to be as unfortunate enough to suffer a similar situation to me then you would be the top of my recommendation list. Please feel free to use my name and this testimonial.

Kind regards

Peter Fowler